17 Profitable eBay Business Ideas You Can Launch From Home

January 20, 2016 Home Business

It’s never been a better time to start an eBay business. Because there are so many possibile ideas, it might seem difficult to know how to start.

Below are some ideas to get you started and on the road to creating your own sucessful eBay business.

1. Book Seller

Book Seller

Selling books on eBay can be a profitable business. Start out selling books you already own and go to local thrift stores to purchase other books in good condition. Try to sell books that are rare or out of print.

2. Collectable Toys

Collectable Toys

Everyone had a favorite toy growing up, and often, they will look on eBay to find it. If you have your own collection of retro toys, start selling. Go to thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets to pick up more merchandise.

3. Handmade Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry

If you know how to make jewelry or want to learn how, there’s no better place to sell it than on eBay. Make sure your designs are well crafted and aesthetically pleasing so customers are drawn to them.

4. Auto Parts

Auto Parts

Have an affinity for cars and car parts? Start selling auto parts on eBay. You can go to junk yards or look on Craigslist for deals. You can also sell off any old car parts that you already have in your possession.

5. Used Watches

Used Watches

People love a nice watch and they are willing to pay well for used watches in good condition. Frequent garage sales, flea markets and thrift stores to find merchandise.

6. Baby Clothes

Baby Clothes

If you have children who have outgrown their clothes, sell them on eBay. The clothes must be like new and you will need to post pictures showing their condition. Look for more baby clothes at garage sales and thrift stores to increase your inventory.

7. Women’s Shoes

Women's Shoes

A nice pair of shoes is important to many women. Sell your own gently used designer shows on eBay and then scour the second hand stores for others you can sell for a higher price. Look for good quality shoes with no rips or scuffs.

8. Used Cell Phones

Used Cell Phones

When a cell phone user breaks or loses a phone, he or she will typically look for a used phone to replace it. As a used cell phone dealer on eBay, you can sell used phones you purchase elsewhere such as Craigslist and make a profit off of each one.

9. Movie Memorabilia

Movie Memorabilia

We all have a favorite movie, but some fans will go to any lengths to have a piece of movie memorabilia. Look for merchandise everywhere used goods are sold, and you could might just come across some valuable pieces of movie history.

10. Art


Artwork doesn’t have to be famouse for people to enjoy it. As long as a painting or sculpture is attractive and catches the eye, there might be a market for it. Either sell your own art or buy works used and sell those on eBay.

11. Holiday Decorations

Holiday Decorations

No matter what time of year it is, there are always buyers looking for holiday decorations. If you have a lot of your own, sell those and then ask friends and family to donate their unwanted items. Garage sales are also great resources. Make sure your merchandise is good quality.

12. Antiques


If you have an eye for antiques and love looking for them, then consider an eBay antiques business. Search for wares anywhere an antique might pop up. Be prepared to do some research so you’ll be able to properly describe the piece when you list it.

13. Used Electronics

Used Electronics

No matter what kind of electronics you choose to sell, you will need to locate some merchandise. Garage sales are a great place to find electronics. Make sure the electronics you find are in good condition and working.

14. Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

Little girls love bows and headbands, and if you are creative, you could start a lucrative business selling them. Make various designs and styles including those for different holidays, sports teams’ colors, and casual and dressy bows.

15. Tshirt Designing

Tshirt Designing

If you have a flair for designing, put it to use designing custom tshirts and selling them on eBay. Offer buyers various options of color and theme when it comes to your selection of merchandise. You can also personalize the shirts with names or with popular sayings.

16. DVDs


Dvds are always popular, so how about starting an eBay business selling used DVDs? You can find DVDs at every garage sale or flea market, so buy them up and sell them on eBay to DVD collectors or movie buffs.

17. Sports Memorabilia

Sports Memorabilia

Sports fans love to find memorabilia featuring their favorite players or teams. Start collecting rare autographs or other memorabilia and sell it on eBay. Look through Craigslist and go to garage sales. You never know what you might find!

These eBay business ideas are just a few of the countless profitable options you have on eBay. Find something you’re interested in, and chances are, there are people willing to buy what you’re selling.