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A List of Great Part Time Work from Home School Hours Jobs

When considering a work from home opportunity, it’s important to evaluate your skills and find a niche that appeals to those skills as well as your home situation. When the children are in school, it’s easier to perform a job that requires personal contact with the public. School hours jobs will be easier to perform when the children are out of the home for a few hours.

Evaluate Your Skills and Passions

If you had skills in your previous job that can be transferred to a part time work from home opportunity, that means you won’t have to spend any time or money learning a new set of work skills. Sometimes, mothers may take the opportunity to find a passion that can translate into school hours jobs opportunities. Make a list of all your skills and passions, so when you begin your search you’ll find the most compatible part time work from home jobs.


With a degree, certifications or previous experience, a bookkeeper can work from home to provide small business owners with a few hours of keeping the books. It can be a part time job depending on the amount of clients and whether you have to travel to their location. Often, remote software or cloud computing means you won’t have to leave your home at all. It’s one of those perfect school hours jobs that can be extremely flexible.

Virtual Assistant

This position doesn’t require a degree, but it does require a unique set of skills. The virtual assistant has to have a high speed internet connection and a computer. The virtual assistant isn’t an employee but a contractor who will bill clients for hours worked. It requires you to market yourself to potential clients and juggle multiple projects depending on the client’s needs. One great place to start looking for work is on Elance.

Freelance Writer

Talented writers are in demand at many companies. A freelance writer can work from home part time and sell their work to paying companies, magazines and newspapers. A writer with technical writing experience will find themselves with more opportunities than someone with general knowledge. This can be one of the school hours jobs that can take place during the day. Any correspondence with companies after a piece is written can occur during work hours.


For this position, you’ll have to speak a few languages and be able to translate the written word effectively. Many translator positions allow flexibility since it allows the person to do part time work from home during the day time hours. This is perfect for anyone that wants to work from home. Usually, translators will have to work on web sites, business documents and academic research, which requires a high amount of skill, and in some cases, it requires the person to have a degree from a university.

The part time work from home job hunter must decide what kind of position best fits their circumstances and work style. Working at home can be incredibly lonely work if you don’t have human contact. The position you choose should be one that provides money as well as job satisfaction.

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