6 Home Based Jobs for Moms

December 3, 2015 Career, Work At Home Mums

If you are looking to find a career you can balance with motherhood and work out of your home, there are many options. Although some jobs require education and skills, there are plenty of opportunities for working mums with no formal training. Here are a few popular work from home ideas:

1. Web DesignerWeb Designer

Web designing is a great home based job for mums because it’s flexible and you can work around your kids’ schedules.

Web designers build websites or redesign them. They must possess both creativity and technical skills in order to effectively design a website for clients.

Although many people believe you must have a college degree to get into the field, that’s simply not true. If you are proficient with the various programs that webs designers use and have the creativity to design high quality web content, you could have a successful career in this high demand field.

2. Child CareChild Care

What better career for stay at home mums than taking care of children? Many moms looking to make extra money decide to take care of other children during the day in addition to their own.

The benefit of this job for stay at home mums is that if they already have other little ones, they are used to the demands of taking care of children are obviously experienced in the area.

Working in child care can be a rewarding profession for mums; not only will you be providing an invaluable service, you can earn a nice wage in the process since many families will pay good money to know their children are in capable hands.

3. CatererCaterer

If cooking is your passion, you could turn your hobby into a lucrative career.

When it comes to planning menus and preparing food for parties and other events, many people are too busy to handle those details. They are often willing to hire someone to buy the food, prepare, and then serve it.

You can start small with your business – tell friends and family about your new venture. Once you develop a good reputation, more business will come and you might find yourself doing what you love for a living!

4. Customer ServiceCustomer Service

These days, countless numbers of companies employ team members who work out their own homes.
One of the most popular work from home jobs is as a customer service representative.

Customer service reps answer calls from customers, handle complaints, take orders, troubleshoot, as well as many other duties depending on the company and the job description. Applicants must have great communication skills.

These jobs do require a set schedule, but they are often flexible and career mums working from home can plan their shifts around their children’s’ schedules. Often, companies have late night shifts which are perfect for mums who have to wait until the kids go to bed to work.

5. Search Engine EvaluatorSearch Engine Evaluator

An interesting career option for work at mums is a search engine evaluator. The job consists of rating the results of what comes up during an online search.

There ares several companies that hire search engine evaluators on a part time or full time basis. The work can tedious, but the hours are flexible and the pay is reasonable.

6. SalesSales

If you enjoy meeting and talking to the public and you have a knack for selling products, then a sales job might be the way to go.

There are countless companies around these days that offer opportunities to make extra money hosting parties and selling products. All you need to do is invite your friends and show them how great your products are! You get a percentage of the sales and discounts on the products.

Many salespeople are now holding online parties on social media, and the hostess and guests never even need to leave the comfort of their own homes!

The amount of work at home based jobs available to mums is endless. Technology has taken working at home to a whole new level, and traditional jobs in child care and sales will always be in demand. If you have the drive to start up a successful home based business, take the initiative and do it!