23 Self Employment Opportunities You Can Create for Yourself

December 4, 2015 Career, Home Business

Becoming self employed is a dream for many. The idea of being your own boss can seem like an unattainable goal, but with the right business plan, your dream could become a reality.

1. Real EstateReal Estate

Real estate is a booming business and relatively easy to get into. The training needed to become a real estate salesperson is minimal.

It takes time to make that first sale, but this is a business that can be extremely lucrative once you gain expert and clients.

Nowadays, real estate agents can work from a virtual office and sell and buy homes for clients online. Most clients utilize online realtors when they are looking for properties in other states.

2. Personal ShopperPersonal Shopper

A great self employment opportunity to come about in the last few years is the personal shopper. Some people are simply too busy to shop for themselves and they hire someone to shop for clothes and accessories for them.

To get into this business, you must have an excellent sense of style and the ability to work closely with your clients in order to know their tastes and needs.

The great thing about this business is that all clothes and accessories can be bought entirely online for clients!

3. eBay SellereBay Seller

The online auction site eBay, changed the way the world shops, and it has allowed business savvy individuals to begin selling their products easily online.

It’s simple and inexpensive to sell on eBay, and it has become a great resource for business owners who want to engage in online work from home.

Whether you sell clothes, cars, or pretty much anything, there will always be a willing buyer.

4. BloggingBlogging

Blogging came about with the popularity of the Internet. For someone who wants to write about various topics, you can start your own blog and make money in the process.

Bloggers write on a topic and generate income from advertisements and affiliate marketing. Although no one gets rich overnight from blogging, it can eventually become a profitable career.

Blogging is am amazing work from home idea because there are so many things to write about!

5. Hair StylistHair Stylist

People will pay good money to go to a hair salon and have their hair cut and styled. That’s why this is one of the top self employment ideas you can start up in your home.

Formal training and licenses are needed to start in this career, but it’s a great business to get into since people will always need their hair done and you can do hair in the comfort of your own home.

6. Computer RepairComputer Repair

Now that everyone has a computer, workers who repair computers are in high demand. If you are computer savvy, this business is right for you.

Computer repairers go to the homes of clients to fix their computer issues or the client will bring the computer to you.

To succeed in this business, you must have good people skills and the ability to deal with customers who are angry and emotional about their broken computers.

7. ArtistArtist

If painting or drawing is your passion, you can easily start up your own business by selling your works of art.

There are several options for selling. You can start a website that advertises your artwork or you can go to a flea market and sell them.

Businesses will often buy paintings for waiting rooms or offices, so visit local businesses and show them some samples.

8. Personal TrainerPersonal Trainer

The world wants to look good, and that’s why personal training is one of the best business ideas of all time.

With a little schooling and the ability to motivate others to get into shape, personal trainers can develop a booming business.

You must be good with people and be in shape yourself since your clients will look to you as their motivation.

9. Massage TherapistMassage Therapist

Massage therapy is another great business idea where no office is needed. Clients can come to your home or you can go to theirs.

Massage therapy has become a popular business since most of us are overworked and stressed, and people now realize the benefits associated with relaxation techniques.

Massage therapists help others feel better both physically and emotionally and clients pay good money for their services.

10. Party PlannerParty Planner

When it’s time for a party, there are lots of things to organize – food, guest list, and decorations.

Party planners help with all of this and take the stress and worry out of planning a party.

They take care of all of the details so that party throwers get to enjoy themselves and know the day or evening will be perfect. Best of all, party planners can work entirely out of their own homes!

11. PhotographerPhotographer

Everyone likes nice pictures and people will pay good money to have beautiful momentos of their special occasions.

Photography has become a big business and one of the best home based business ideas ever.

You don’t need much to get started- just a good camera, an eye for detail, and the ability to work with all ages of clients.

12. TutoringTutoring

Many students need some extra assistance with their studies, and that’s why tutoring has become a big business.

There are several companies that hire online tutors for various subjects, or tutors can start their own business and generate students through advertising.

If you have at least a bachelor’s degree in a subject, this could be the self-employment opportunity you’ve been looking for.

13. House SitterHouse Sitter

House sitters perform a variety of duties for clients when they are on vacation or away from home.

Depending on the client, house sitters might water plants, take care of pets, mow the lawn, get the mail, and even clean.

14. ScrapbookerScrapbooker

Scrapbooking has become a popular pastime, but there are many people who lack the time to put their momentos together in a book.

That’s where professional scrapbookers come in. They gather some of the client’s pictures and other personal items and creatively organize them in a book.

15. Courier ServiceCourier Service

Delivering paperwork or other items can be a profitable self-employment opportunity, especially in large metropolitan areas.

Couriers pick up and drop off items throughout the day and are paid for their services. With additional training, couriers can increase their business volume and deliver medical and hazardous materials.

16. Pet GroomingPet Grooming

The business of pet grooming is a popular enterprise these days because of the care that pet owners take of their animals.

This business can be done in a mobile setting, in the client’s home or in your own home. Some training is required, but if you have a knack for grooming animals, this is an excellent opportunity for self-employment.

17. Medical TranscriptionistMedical Transcriptionist

Jobs in the medical field will always be in demand, and that’s why medical transcription is a smart work from home opportunity.

Transcriptionists listen to audio of medical records and transcribe them. You will need some training in the field and a computer with a headset and a foot pedal for transcribing.

18. Cleaning ServicesCleaning Services

Becoming a cleaning person is a simple business to start up. All you need are a few cleaning supplies and some good clients.

Cleaners can work for private citizens or they can clean offices and other businesses. There is no training involved and it’s usually easy to find clients just by passing out business cards and word of mouth.

19. Resume WriterResume Writer

In today’s competitive job market, a good resume is essential, and professional writing has become a big business.

Resume writers take all of a client’s qualifications and goals and compile them into a professional resume.

An attention to detail, excellent grammar skills, and the ability to creatively and effectively organize a client’s business and educational information is a must.

20. Online ResearcherOnline Researcher

Online researchers get paid to surf the web and collect information for clients on various topics.

It’s best to specialize in a particular research area so that you can deliver high quality content in an efficient manner.

21. Pet TaxiPet Taxi

An easy business to start up is a pet taxi service. When pets need a ride to the vet or the groomer and their owners are at work, providing a taxi service for the animals can be a helpful service.

Pet taxis must be available at all hours of the day and provide a comfortable and safe ride for possibly sick, injured, or scared animals.

22. Window WasherWindow Washer

It doesn’t take much to start a window washing business, and there are customers everywhere who need the service.

With a few pieces of equipment like glass cleaner, squeegees, buckets and a ladder, prospective window washers can focus on residential or business clients.

The work is hard, but this is a profitable self-employment opportunity for motivated entrepreneurs.

23. Craft BusinessCraft Business

If you’re creative and like making crafts, there are places online where you can sell your items to buyers all over the world.

Etsy and eBay are both great sites for selling homemade wares. Price your crafts reasonably, but make it worth your while as well. Specializing in particular types of crafts can increase your sales in specific markets.

Becoming self-employed can seem challenging, but the reality is that there are limitless possibilities if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.