21 Most Popular Freelance Jobs on Upwork

December 20, 2015 Career

Upwork is a great site to find work as a freelancer. No matter what your speciality is, there is something for you at Upwork.

Below are some of the most popular freelancing jobs on Upwork:

1. Blog and Article Writers

Blog and Article Writers


There is a huge demand for writers on the Internet, and thousands of writers post their resumes on Upwork because of that.

Jobs consist of writing content for websites, magazines, blogging and any other micaellaneous freelance writing work.

2. Customer Service

Customer Service

Another popular job on Upwork is in the field of customer service. There are over 200,000 freelancers looking for employment in customer service on the site.

There are different areas within customer service and some freelancers specialize in tech support, management, client support, and claims.

3. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants have gained popularity in recent years, and the number of virtual assistants posting ads on Upwork reflects that trend.

The job consists of being an assistant to an employer; the only difference is that the job is performed remotely. Duties can include answering emails, setting appointments, shopping online, and making travel arrangements.

4. Editing and Proofreading

Editing and Proofreading

Freelance writing jobs are popular on Upwork, and anyone with a talent for editing and proofreading another’s writing can find work here.

Editors and proofreaders read through content written by someone else and make comments on it, noting where to make any grammar or style changes or changing the content themselves. They can work on written web content or hard copies.

5. Data Entry

Data Entry

Data entry positions are popular online because the job entails entering data into a computer database.

There are thousands of potential data entry clerks that post their resumes on Upwork. This job requires good typing skills, an attention to detail, and the ability to work long hours sitting in one place.

6. SEO Search Engine Optimization

SEO Search Engine Optimization

The importance of getting hits to a website is crucial to its success. Hiring an SEO Consultant can benefit the traffic of a website.

The job entails helping websites optimize their search engine rankings by calibrating content, headers, and tags with search terms. The field is a popular one and many freelancers and employers post on Upwork.

7. Web Research

Web Research


Companies often need to hire someone to conduct online research about a particular topic, so they hire people to perform that specific function. Web researchers can also help the general public with locating people, researching for academic purposes, and gathering scientific data.

Web researchers must have an astute ability to perform research in a timely, yet thorough manner. The duties of the job can be performed entirely from home and you can work online, but there are deadlines that will need to be met and you will need concentration and limited distractions.

9. Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Whether you need a product or service sold or marketed to a target demographic, there are sales professionals available on Upwork to assist.

The popularity of job postings on Upwork in the sales and marketing field is substantial due to the need for sales professionals who work remotely. Possible specialties in the field are presentations, lead generation, sales, and implementing marketing strategies.

10. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

With the enormous popularity of social media sites, it’s no surprise that this freelance job would be a popular one on Upwork.

Social media marketers help companies or people advertise their businesses through social media. Job seekers must be familiar with all of the social media sites since they might be managing blogs, social media pages, or videos.

11. Transcription


Transcribing is often associated with the medical field; however, there is much work to be found in this industry.

Transcribers take spoken words and transcribe them into written words. No matter what field they are working in, transcribers will need specialized equipment and excellent typing skills.

12. General Translation

General Translation

With so many markets around the world, translators are a necessary part of a successful business, and that’s why this is such a popular job on Upwork.

Working from home, a translator can translate websites, technical materials, eBooks, human resources materials, and countless other information. The career requires proficiency in at least two languages and perfect writing skills in both languages as well.

13. Resumes and Cover Letters

Resumes and Cover Letters

Job seekers will often pay good money to have a professional draft a resume and cover letter for them since the job market is so competitive.

if you are skilled at writing resumes, a great place to post your resume writing abilities is on Upwork. You can help clients put together their skills, education, and goals in an organized way so they have the best chance possible to get that new job.

14. Presentation Designer

Presentation Designer

In business, a good presentation can mean everything, and that’s why this is a popular profession on Upwork.

Presentation designers help clients prepare PowerPoint, Keynote, and other types of presentations so that the client has a professional and effective presentation to give. Job seekers must have excellent skills with presentation programs and superior writing, creativity, and organization.

15. Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a hot job on Upwork. Freelance graphic designers are in great demand to design aesthically pleasing content for sources such as websites, magazines, ads, and catalogs.

Graphic designers are skilled in the various graphic design programs and can create images and text that reflect the style and attitude of the employer.

16. Web Content Writing

Web Content Writing

Web content writers are responsible for the written content on webpages. This can include such duties as writing product descriptions, providing information about a business or school, or giving historical overviews of local landmarks.

Web content writers must also be concerned with key words in their writing for SEO optimization. This is a competitive field and only writers with excellent writing skills and a strict attention to detail will be successful.

17. Web Design

Web Design

Web designers are highly sought after on Upwork, and that’s why there are so many ads posted in this category.

Web designers create web sites by working with a client to understand the functions of the site. The web designer then designs pages of the website, attempting to make the site not only efficient, but also attractive. The designer can also utilize graphics and sometime writes web content if the job requires.

18. Technical Writing

Technical Writing

Another category of writing that has many applicants on Upwork is technical writing.

Technical writing involves a knowledge of technical materials and the ability to put concepts that are complicated into words that everyone will be able to understand. Often, technical writers will have a degree in technical writing or have extensive knowledge of the subject they are writing about.

19. Project Management

Project Management

When companies are working on a specific project in their business, they often need someone to manage it. That’s where project managers come in.

This job entails working with others as part of a team and overseeing all aspects of the project which might include other employees, handling the budget, and preparing reports until project completion.

20. Technical Support

Technical Support

If someone has an issue with their computer, cable, phone or other device, they will often call the company of the product for help with fixing it.

Technical support workers assist customers with trouble shooting technical issues, and since technology is everywhere, this is an in demand job on Upwork. To work in this field, you must be able to deal with customers who are upset, angry, and even emotional, since you will experience this every day.

21. Telemarketing


There are countless freelance jobs for telemarketers available remotely, and Upwork is an excellent place to post your resume to find a job in the field.

Telemarketers typically cold call prospective customers in an attempt to sell a service or product. The job requires the ability to keep a positive attitude, even when people are rude or uninterested in your sales pitch.

If you’re an Australian freelancer looking for a successful career, Upwork is for you. Whether you speacialize in sales, writing, or technical support, there is something for every freelancer on Upwork.