20 Home Business Ideas You Can Launch For Less Than $100

November 24, 2015 Home Business

Starting up a home business can seem like an expensive and complicated process, but there are many work at home business ideas that cost little or nothing to start.

The following are some of the best home business ideas in Australia.

Our Featured Home Business Idea

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If after signing up for Swagbucks you’re still looking for more opportunities to hustle (or you hate the idea of corporations making money and don’t want to support them), fear not!

Here is our full list of home business ideas you can launch for less than $100.

1.Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is a great business to start up, but you must be proficient in grammar and style.

Although most would believe a college degree is necessary to obtain clients, many freelancers have only a passion for writing and the discipline to churn out high quality articles and content.

There are countless websites that offer freelance writers opportunities to write or post their resumes for potential employers.

It’s important to have writing samples available for prospective clients, and once you begin getting work, freelancers need to be disciplined in order to get their assignments in on time.

2.Dog Walker

Dog Walker

If you love dogs, then dog walking might be a good choice of business for you, and one of the best home business ideas.

Dog walkers typically need no experience, just a love of dogs and a few clients to help get you started. Start your business telling neighbors and friends, and post ads outlining your services in local stores and online.

This business costs next to nothing to start, but it can yield some good income if you build up your clientele through referrals and repeat clients.

3.Pet Sitter

Pet Sitter

Similar to a dog walker, a pet sitter goes a step further and actually takes care of a person’s pets.

In addition to walking the dogs, pet sitters feed the animals, provide companionship, and sometimes even stay overnight with animals when owners are away.

Friends, family,and neighbors are a great way to get business, as well as posting signs in vet’s offices or around your community.

4.Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

When it comes to home business ideas, the computer is one of your best resources. One career that has recently emerged online is the virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants provide a variety of services for clients over the computer or telephone. Virtual assistants arrange travel, set appointments, manage email and databases, conduct research, and provide countless other services.

There is no formal training needed; however, each job is different and clients will all have individual needs. Some employers may prefer a college degree or specific skill set.

There are several online sources to find employment as a virtual assistant.



Anyone who is skilled at sewing can start their own seamstress business for little or no money.

If you already have a sewing machine, then you’re all set, but used ones can be bought online and are inexpensive.

Post flyers around town and do some online advertising on free sites highlighting the types of sewing you will do and your prices.

6.Child Care

Child Care

Taking care of children can be a fun and rewarding career, but it can also be a way to make some extra money.

If you have friends, family, or neighbors who are looking for someone they can trust to take care of their children, you could make a decent wage working full or part-time as a nanny or a babysitter.

There are also many online resources where you can post your profile for free or a small fee to generate clients for this home based business.

7.eBay Seller

eBay Seller

If you have things lying around your house that you no longer use, why not sell them on eBay? For a small fee, the auction site will allow you to place your items up for auction.

One of the great things about this business is that it costs nothing to start since you already have the merchandise in your home. It’s also one of the easiest home business ideas for mums since you don’t need to leave the house.

Whether it’s electronics, clothes, or collectibles, take some pictures and post the items on eBay. You’ll be making extra money before you know it!



If you have great organizational skills, and are looking for home based business ideas, this might be the job for you. Organizers help people downsize their possessions and organize closets and other living spaces.

No experience is necessary, just an eye for detail and the ability to work with the public.

You can find clients anywhere, but some good ideas to generate business include utilizing friends and neighbors who need these services, advertising online, or posting flyers in local businesses.



If you have a college degree and/or are proficient in a subject, consider tutoring college students. Students who need extra help in a subject are often willing to pay good money to get better grades or pass a class.

Placing signs around college campuses outlining your skills and the subjects you can tutor in is a great way to get clients. You can meet with students in the library, a coffee shop, or even a park.

All you need is a knowledge of a subject and an ability to explain difficult concepts to students who are struggling.

10.House Cleaner

House Cleaner

Everyone is busy these days and many people need extra help to clean their homes.

Starting this business is simple. All you need are a few cleaning supplies and you’re ready to go.

Once you have a few clients, word will spread and your business will flourish. You can also post signs in local stores to generate more customers.

11.Lawn Cutting

Lawn Cutting

In the summer months, there is a lot of work to be found mowing the lawns of busy homeowners. The grass grows faster than many can keep up with, and that’s where you come in.

If you already have a lawnmower, great! If not, look online for inexpensive used ones. Then, knock on doors in your neighborhood asking residents if they would like some help keeping up their yards.

Mowing lawns can be hard work, but the relative ease of starting this business makes it one of the best home based business opportunities.

12.Garage Sales

Garage Sales

Some home business ideas can be complicated, but having monthly garage sales is an easy work from home opportunity.

Start by cleaning out your own garage and closets and selling these items in your front yard any Saturday.

Continue having garage sale every month or even every week until all of your things have been sold. Ask friends and family to donate their used items as well. Some people will welcome the opportunity to get rid of clutter.

13.Car Washing and Detailing

Car Washing and Detailing

Keeping a car clean is time consuming, and many automobile owners need someone to wash, vacuum and clean the interior of their vehicles.

All you will need to get started are some basic car cleaning supplies and a good hand or shop vac.



Working from home ideas can come from anywhere, even a hobby.

If you have a good camera and love to take pictures, you can easily start up a photography business.

Many families are willing to give new photographers a chance if you offer discounted rates. Offering free sessions is another way to build up your portfolio and gain valuable experience.

15.Dog Bathing

Dog Bathing

Believe it or not, many pet owners dislike bathing their pets. It’s a messy, time-consuming process.

If you like animals and don’t mind get wet, you could help owners keep their pets clean and make a few dollars.

Since you would be working in the homes of the pets, there are virtually no start up costs. Just roll up your sleeves and find some pet owners in need of your services.



Are you good at fixing things? Then you might make a good handyman. Many people have things around their homes that need fixing and are willing to pay someone else to do them.

All you need are a few tools that you might already have or you can pick up at a garage sale. This is a business that is typically work of mouth, so once you get a good reputation established, you’ll be bombarded with work!

17.Holiday Decorating

Holiday Decorating

When the holidays come around, no one loves a beautiful house all decorated in lights. However, many people enjoy the finished results but not the work that goes into putting the lights up.

if you have an eye for detail, you could earn some extra money around the holidays putting up decorations for residents in your neighborhood.

This business has no overhead because your customers will provide all of the decorations for you!

18.Personal Driver

Personal Driver

As people age, they are often unable to drive anymore, and they might need someone to take them to the store or doctor’s appointments.

If you enjoy working with people and are a safe driver, this is yet another business that needs no investment to start up.

Utilize social media, online advertising and pass out homemade flyers in your community to find clients.

19.Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant

If you are organized and efficient, then starting a business as a personal assistant could be a good fit for you.

Many people need help in their day to day lives with managing their appointments, returning emails, writing thank you cards, grocery shopping, and the list goes on and on.

No experience is needed to get started. Just do some advertising locally and on social media. Focus on your skills and what makes you the best person to help others accomplish tasks.

20.Cake Making

Cake Making

For those who like to bake, parlay your skills into profit. You don’t need much to get started, just a few orders from friends or family and some baking equipment you might already have in your kitchen.

Advertise on social media and pass out cards at parties you attend. Always have pictures of your cakes available on your phone for prospective clients to see.

If you’re looking to start a home based business for less than $100, there are so many options. As long as you have the drive to succeed, the sky is the limit!